Day Treatment

Gaston Adolescent Center Day Treatment Program is a Nationally Accredited and recognized by CARF International as a leading program that serves children in grades k-12. Gaston Adolescent Center Day Treatment Program is designed and scheduled to meet the individual needs of children whose behaviors and/or emotional problems interfere with them attending public school. The program is Monday – Friday from 8:00am-3:00pm and the program provides therapeutic services that address social and behavioral problems, anger management and help build skills such as effective communication. Children also receive group, individual, and family therapy; students also will have allotted time daily to work on academic instruction sent from the local school system by a licensed teacher on staff and on site daily. Therapeutic recreation, and other specialized therapeutic activities are also available. The program’s treatment approach is Positive Actions which is the Thoughts-Actions-Feelings Circle where positive thoughts lead to positive actions, positive actions lead to positive feelings about oneself, and positive feelings lead to more positive thoughts and behaviors that will assist students to transition successfully back in traditional school.